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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monteczuma Well, Castle, V-V Ranch Petroglyphs, & Sacred Mountain

It rained Saturday, well, not rain like back home.  Here it was more like a really light drizzle maybe even a heavy fog.  But at least it was wet and cold, about 46 for the high.  It snowed in the mountains just above us.  So it was a hang around day.  I worked on the tv compartment and moved things around.  I went to a glass shop and had a piece of gray plexiglas cut and glued into the snap-on panel that covered the old tv.  Looks pretty good now.  I just have the new tv sitting on the center console where it is the right height.  Not sure if I'll mount it permanently or just move it each time we move.
Sunday we drove out to Monteczuma's Well which is a large spring-fed sinkhole in the desert that overflows into Beaver Creek.  There are a few cliff dwellings around the sinkhole where the Sinaqua lived.  They dug irrigation ditches over a mile to their fields.  Very interesting.  Then we drove out to V-V Ranchsite and Petroglyphs.  This was the best preserved petroglyph site we've seen.  The Sinaqua used the position of the sun to determine time to plant and harvest and marked these times with the petroglyphs.  It is also a place where we might want to volunteer in a couple years.  Beautiful old ranch site along the Beaver Creek.  We spoke with one of the volunteers who is from Houston.  They've been at this site for the spring months for a few years now.
They we went to Sacred Mountain and climbed up to an old pueblo site on the top of the mesa.  It was really interesting to see a site that has not been rebuilt or looted or destroyed.  There was hundreds of pottery shards just lying around on the ground or where other people had placed them on rocks to protect them.
Then we drove out to Monteczuma's Castle, Cindy yelled "frybread" so we had to stop to get a snack.  Frybread with honey, yummm.  Kinda like a beignet.
Monteczuma's Castle is another cliff dwelling along the Beaver creek that is 5 stories high.  The entire complex held over a hundred people.
Yesterday we moved 9 miles to the Thousand Trails campground where we'll be until the end of the month.  Nice campground but they have some strange rules.  One thing is when you check in they tell you to drive around until you find a spot you like.  There are 5 areas so it's kind of difficult driving around looking for a spot.  There are only a few 50 amp sites and they told us last week there were not reservable.  So when we checked in yesterday they told us sure you can reserve the 50amp sites!  Well we got lucky and got the last 50amp site in the same area as where Scott will be.  Anyway the place has a nice pool and play area.  We'll explore more today.
Still haven't made it out to Jerome and over the mountain to Prescott, maybe tomorrow.

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