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Monday, March 5, 2012

Yesterday morning we went to mass.  We both were surprised when we walked in and went to the
holy water fount.  Rocks!  Yes rocks, not water.  Apparently this is a desert thing. 

see Cindy hiding in the rocks?

Cactus growing in a tree?  Yep!
After we took a very nice scenic drive through the mountains and high desert.  Started out driving past the observatory then stopped and did a 2.4 mile hike up to an overlook of the Sawtooth mountains.  Then continued down around to the Chico tanks (just a half dried up pond- but since they haven't had rain in over a year- water is a precious thing out here).  Then enjoyed a picnic lunch.  Continued our drive out through the desert.  Pulled over once we had a cell signal and called Bevi and Ella. 
Then we drove into Fort Davis and found a fudge shop.  Had some ice cream and bought some
fudge for later.
I told Cindy that we need to stop "vacationing" and slow down.  This is our lifestyle for the next
few months.  We need to just enjoy being out here.

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