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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last day in Rome

Cindy asked what I wanted to do on our last day.  So I told her something unusual.  

We tried to make mass at St. Peters but would have been about a 1/2 hour or longer wait in the hot sun so took the bus out to a small church.  After mass we saw the museum for the Capuchin Monk Order.  Here is a description from the webpage:
  "In 1631, the Capuchin friars - so-called because of the "capuche" or hood attached to their religious habit - left the friary of St. Bonaventure near the Trevi Fountain and came to live in the present one, of which only the church and cemetery remain. The remains of the deceased friars were transported from the old friary and laid to rest in this cemetery, underneath the present church. The bones were arranged along the walls, and the friars began to bury their own dead here, as well as the bodies of poor Romans, whose tomb was under the floor of the present Mass chapel."

They transported dirt from Jerusalem and all wanted to be buried in this dirt in their cemetery.  But quickly ran into the problem of not having enough space.  So they decided to dig up the bones and use them for artwork!
Check out the pictures and see if this place qualifies as unusual....(and again sorry about the composition, this was another place I wasn't supposed to take pictures)

This place was truly bizarre, but in a very holy way.
Rome has been fun, but hot, and crowded.  (Anybody who knows me knows I don't like crowds, I'm just a country boy at heart)
Looking forward to a couple days in Switzerland and cool weather, fondue, cheese, chocolate....

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