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Friday, September 7, 2012


We moved yesterday to Sevilla in Southern Spain.  It was a nice drive here from Portugal.  We didn't have reservations for last night but went directly to the hotel we have a room for tonight.  The girl at the desk called several hotels for us (she was booked) and found us a room just down the block.  We checked in and brought our bags up.  It is very hot here and the A/C was not on, so we turned it on and headed out to see what we could see.  It was about 7PM and we just walked around, stopped to get something to eat and allow time for the rooms to cool down.  Got back to the room about 11 and had not cooled down much.  OH WELL, just one night.  Didn't sleep too well and we packed up when we got up and brought our bags to tonight's hotel.  The held our bags and we headed out again.
We just got into our room about 1/2 hour ago.  It is very small, the smallest yet..... a little cooler..... just one night.  Almost time for a bite for lunch, Forest is resting his back for a while.  We visited a cathedral this morning.  It is suppose to be the 3rd largest in Europe.  It was beautiful and we attended mass at 10AM there.  I ducked in to another church (St Joseph's) which is just across the street from us.  It is a small church but is beautiful.
The streets here are all very small with very narrow sidewalks (one person wide in most areas).  The cars are small and barely pass, most are one way streets.  You cannot turn into a parking garage without making a SEVERAL point turn.  Look out walkers, he is backing up!  They are all paved with stone (not concrete or asphalt).  Makes walking a bit tough on the feet.  The buildings are several stories high so walking around it is hard to see any reference points.  We were just a couple of blocks from the cathedral and could not see the steeple.

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