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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where are we going in our travels?

Off into the sunset!
Friends and family have inquired where will we travel to, what will we see, how long will we be gone....
We have no set itinerary and no set schedule (other than to be home for family events and our Europe trip in August), after all isn't that what retirement is all about?
We will head west on I-10 sometime in February and plan to take Hwy. 90 in San Antonio to see some old historic Texas towns such as Del Rio, Langry, etc.  Then spend a few days hiking and driving through Big Bend.  Then drive up to I-10 and continue on to Mesa, AZ.  We'll spend a couple days visiting friends then on to Sedona, AZ and hopefully meet up with some other Newell owners and learn from them how to "boondock".   After that we'll head into Utah to visit some of the more picturesque landscapes such as Goblin Valley.  I also hope to drive the White Rim Road.  We already have some basic camping gear loaded in the Jeep since this will be an overnight trip into the desert.
So we have been really busy getting the house ready to list and the Newell ready to travel and to be our home for a few months at a time.  It'll really be an adjustment going from 3100 square feet to 1/10 that.  But our yard will be spectacular, the weather will be what we want it to be, and the mosquitoes will be non-existant.  If not then we just crank up the old Detroit Diesel and find another place!
So wish us luck and we'll see you when we return home during our trips.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shakedown cruise

We're spending the week at Fountainbleu State Park on Lake Ponchartrain.
We have a "home exchange" couple from Montana staying at our house this week.

Fixing to go walk.
The coach ran well yesterday, about a 2 hour trip.  Unhooked the water last night since it got down to 22.
Nice and warm inside.