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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spring cleaning

After enjoying a few more days here in Cedar Key we drove up the Suwannee River with Clarke & Elaine to see a few springs.  The first one was Manatee Springs and unfortunately due to the warm weather this last week there were no manatees in the spring.  But it was really pretty.  Think of Lake Verret with all of the cypress trees but sandy bottom and crystal clear water.  Manatee Spring averages 80 to over a 100 million gallons of water each day boiling up through the spring into the Suwannee River.  The water is incredibly clear and keeps the tannic brown water (which is still pretty clear) from the Suwannee from entering the spring.
After enjoying Manatee Spring we drove up to Fanning Springs which was a really neat state park right on the edge of town.  The ranger we talked to says they average 1200 people each day in the summer.  These springs all have a nice roped off swimming area and the water is 72 degrees all year.  There were a few people swimming in Fanning Spring.
We then drove a little more to Otter Springs Park, a nice campground run by the city park department.  This spring wasn't quite as nice but the campground was nicer.
In my senior year of college me and a couple friends scrounged up some camping gear, loaded up our scuba gear and spent a couple weeks camping and diving at some of these same springs.   Kind of brings back memories.  Then when we were first married we would drive up to Vortex and Morrison Springs with some friends and dive all weekend.
Then we made groceries at Winn Dixie and headed back to Cedar Key. 
Our group had a potluck dinner tonight.  We contributed gumbo which was enjoyed by all.
All in all another enjoyable day in Florida.  Even though it was very windy.  We have the cold front coming through tonight.  Still windy and there is a chill to the air.  It'll be nice to sleep with the windows open tonight, if Cindy lets me.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cedar Key

Well we couldn't stand it anymore.  Only seeing sun for a couple days in a couple weeks, that's why we decided to move into the coach.  It's got wheels!
Monday was a fun relaxed day.  Scott and Ella and Unca Mike came visit us and we bbq'ed.  Really enjoyed their visit and even walked up on the levee.  We showed Ella the tugboats in the Mississippi River.  Then we sat on the levee and threw rocks for a while.
Tuesday morning we left Poche Plantation and headed east.  We drove to Quincy, FL and spent the night at a small campground right off I-10.  It was just a grassy field with hookups but was very quiet.  Then Wednesday morning we had a relaxing drive into Cedar Key and pulled into our campsight.  This place is really neat, kinda reminds us of Grand Isle.  Just a small town right on the Gulf with real friendly locals.  The camp sites are kinda small but the people here are friendly.  The neighbors on our left played music for a while Wed. afternoon.  Really enjoyed having the windows open getting a nice cool breeze and listening to nice music.
Later we met up with Clarke and Elaine  (  We met them in Creede, CO then again in Santa Fe, NM.  We missed them last year in Texas but they were able to stop and stay at our (former) house for a while and see Thibodaux.
We walked into town and ate at Blue Desert Cafe.  Cindy had a caesar salad and I had a bowl of hearty bean soup with andouille, then we split an order of eggplant parmesan.  It was really good.
Yesterday we walked into town again with C&E and they showed us the town.
Today we had breakfast at Kona Joe's with C&E then Cindy and I walked into town and saw the local museum.  Very interesting history in Cedar Key.  At one time it was the major railroad/seaport for Florida on the Gulf Coast.  But as usually happened in the late 1800's and early 1900's before the communications we have today hurricanes wiped out the area a couple of times.  But the locals have persisted.  They even have an ordinance that prevents any chain stores or restaurants from opening in Cedar Key.  Apparently they don't want to lose the charm and end up like Destin.  Not a bad idea.
Today we walked over to a tiny bar next door to watch sunset which of course is really nice being on the Gulf.  We also met another couple Chris and Cherie whose blog I've been following       Cherie entertained us with fire-dancing!  Very impressive.  These are flaming chains!  Really neat. 
So far we are enjoying our first trip as fulltimers.  Getting into a daily routine of walking into town which is about 3-4 miles roundtrip.  We're also trying to eat a bit healthier.  Well that's it for today except for a few pictures.  Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rain, rain, go away!

This weather is just crazy, we sold the house a week ago and drove home (to the coach) in the rain.  And it has rained almost continually since.  We've had a couple days when it just drizzled a bit but most days it rained hard all day and night.  The fields all around are like lakes.  Finally might see some sun tomorrow through the weekend.  But it's so wet everywhere it's just nasty.
So, Tuesday we leave for Cedar Key, FL.  We plan to meet up with Clarke & Elaine (  and spend 10 days or so there.  They have been fulltiming for over a year so it'll be good to get some stories and advice from them.  Then we'll meander up through Florida maybe around Crystal River, Ocala Forest, then up to the Suwanee River.  Should find some nice trails to ride the RZR on.  Scared to ride it around here, might sink in the mud.
Then we'll head home in time to spend a couple days in New Orleans at the French Quarter RV Resort so we can watch Scott run his first marathon.  Go Scott!
After that we'll spend a few days in Thibodaux then head west.
So far fulltiming is working out pretty good, even not being able to get out much.  Cindy has been visiting her mom a lot helping her. 
Today we spent some money getting our eye exams and glasses done.  Then we went to Scott's to let in the a/c guy to repair his heater.  We don't use our heaters much down here but when it doesn't get over 40 during the day it's nice to have a heater.  Then Cindy picked up Ella from school.  She enjoyed a couple of the last of our oranges, a satsuma and a "knife orange" as she calls the Louisiana sweet (similar to a valencia but sweeter) since you need a knife to peel it.
I'm typing this on my new Logitech mini wireless keyboard.  Nice, what's really great is now I can put my laptop out of the way and use the wireless Keyboard and mouse and my 22" monitor.  Really gives me much more space on my "desk".  Got it for $24 + free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime (thanks for the suggestion Clarke).  The free 2 day shipping will be great when we need something on the road, plus I was able to add our kids to my account so they can benefit from it also.
Well that's it for now.  Look for another update when we get to Cedar Key.