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Thursday, March 5, 2015

About time for an update....

Since it’s a new year and I kinda forgot about the blog last year I think it’s about time for an update.
So last spring after spending a week in Durango we headed back to Louisiana.  My elbow took over a month to heal up but it’s doing great now.
After enjoying family and Ella’s birthday we drove the coach up to Ozarks RV Resort on Table Rock Lake in Oak Grove, AR and met up with a bunch of our Newell friends for our yearly Rally.  We had a great time visiting old friends and making new friends.  The week went by quickly and we were on the road again this time heading to Colorado.  After a night on the road at a KOA in Oklahoma we pulled into Fort Collins, CO, parked the coach and went spend a few days with our friends David and Denise.  It’s always a great time visiting with them and this time was no exception.  Then we drove the coach to Frisco, CO where we stayed for 2 weeks meeting up with Ron & Jean to do a bit of RZR riding.  We also flew home for a few days to take care of a couple things.  We’re buying a house!  We like traveling in the coach but decided with home prices starting to rise it would be a good time to get another one.  So while we were in earlier we found a new construction in The Greens of Pelican Point in Gonzales, LA and signed a contract.  But since the inside was not finished we had to fly back to pick out all of the interior items from kitchen cabinets, floors, paint colors, granite, etc.  The builder said we couldn’t do it in 2 days but we did.  Of course we cheated a bit because David & Denise took us through a bunch of model homes in the retirement community they just moved into.  Thanks guys that really helped a bunch!  So we flew in late Tuesday night, got a rental car and drove to meet with the builder.  Ran around like crazy for a couple days but got everything selected.  Then spent the weekend in Thibodaux.  Had to get a grandkid fix.
After Frisco we drove a short ways to Breckenridge and spent a week at Tiger Run.  Then drove down to Nathrop for a week.  Well after having a couple months of no problems I guess it was time.  While in Nathrop I came down with a severe inflammation in both eyes.  I could not see for a few days, visited a local ophthalmologist and started treatments.   Well it took a couple months for my eyes to get back almost to normal.  I had vertical double vision in both eyes which is extremely rare and not much fun.  When I’d look at someone I would see 4 eyes, 2 noses and 2 mouths.  Very weird.
Anyway we moved to Creede where we parked for a month at Mountain Views RV resort.  It was nice to be parked for an entire month in such beautiful country but with my eyes recovering I couldn’t enjoy it very much.  While we were parked there we discussed at length that since we were buying a house should we keep the coach or sell it and rent cabins for a month in different places.  So after we left Creede we parked the coach in Alamosa then drove the truck back for a week.  While home I visited my regular eye doctor who put me on different eyedrops which started clearing up my eyes a bit quicker.  He said he had never seen an eye inflammation of that magnitude.  My vision was finally back to 20/20 corrected with my eyeglasses.  Previously it was much worse than Cindy’s.  So we spent a week with family then drove back to Alamosa picked up the coach and drove to Amarillo, TX for a couple days.  While there Richard & Rhonda stopped by on their way to Arizona and we had an enjoyable meal together catching up.
Then we drove to Nacogdoches, TX where we put the coach up for sale on consignment with Motorhomes of Texas who we bought it from a couple years ago.
Then drove to Baton Rouge where we rented a condo at LSU for a few weeks while waiting on the house to be finished.
Finally got to move in the end of October and started unpacking and getting settled.  It was finally nice to be in a house again and have so much room.  And great internet!  That’s one thing about RV’ing is the internet connections are very problematic and limited.
But we’re enjoying the house and neighborhood.  Bunch of old timers here, but I guess we’re old also.
So in a few weeks we’re thinking of taking a couple weeks and drive down into Florida.  And once the coach sells we’ll start traveling again.