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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Time for an update!

     Been a long time but a lot’s happened in the past few years.  We sold the Newell and bought a house in The Greens of Pelican Point in Gonzales, LA about 4 years ago.   We’re near Cindy’s mom and our 2 sons, and 2 granddaughters.  It’s a nice place to live and easy to close up when we travel.
     But we missed traveling in the coach, had lots of fun in the Newell.  But as things change we decided we wanted to do more boondocking and wanted a smaller and simpler coach.  This meant no slides, yes they are nice but can be troublesome.  And 36' is a sweet spot.  Since Newell hasn't made a 36' coach since the 80's this brought us to our second choice:  Foretravel.  After looking at a few at Motorhomes of Texas in Nacogdoches, TX we found a 1999 36' U320 in awesome condition and bought it last year.  We took a 2 month trip last year through Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.  Then spent some time making it ours and getting it ready for our "trip of a lifetime".
     So this year is our long awaited Alaskan Odyssey.  We plan to leave after Mother’s Day, travel to Cove Fort historic site in Utah where good friends Tom & Darlene are volunteering for 6 months, then to Salt Lake City to see my Chiropractor to get my head put back on straight (vertigo issues), then meet up with Clarke & Elaine in Canada to start our journey.  The Canadian border is just about halfway to Alaska at 2500 miles!   We plan to spend 2-3 months in Alaska and be back home sometime around October.  Lots to see and do, I’ll plan to keep the blog updated as often as we have internet.  Expect plenty of pictures!
     We only have 1 campground reserved and that is inside of Denali at the Teklanika campground.  Everywhere else we'll either make reservations as we get close or just show up!
     I will put up some pictures on Facebook but this will be my main site for pictures and updates.  Don't expect daily updates though, there will be many areas that we won't have wifi or cell service.  But should have service at least once a week.
     If you'd like to follow along with us you can subscribe to our blog to get an email when we update it or just check it whenever you like.