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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Not quite yet, but....

We spent last week sleeping in the Newell.  We've had John refinishing the wood floor in the house in preparation to list it in February.  So our plans are to head out either in late Feb. or early March.  We'll head west on I-10 across Texas.  Cindy wants to visit a dear friend in Houston.  Then we plan to spend a few days at Big Bend.  Then head to Mesa, AZ to visit friends, then Sedona, AZ to meet up with friends.  Then into the Utah Canyonlands for about a month.   Then over to Denver to visit friends.
We'll fly home sometime in late May and stay through the first weekend in July then maybe fly back to the coach for a few weeks.  We travel to Europe for 5 weeks on August 7th, so time will be short.  When we return we'll probably fly out to the coach and travel southern California and fly home for Thanksgiving through Christmas.
Yeah, yeah, I know, a lotta "then's and if's".  But the best thing about retirement is not having to be anyplace.  So our plans are written in Jello.  The only definate's are the trip back home in June for Ella's birthday and early July for a wedding, and Europe.  Europe will be neat, Mike is flying with us to Paris.  Then we'll spend 10 days ending up in Rome where he flies home.  Cindy and I will spend a week heading over to Marseilles where we meet up with David and Denise Zonker for the rest of the trip.  We have a canal boat rented for a week on the Midi Canal.  Then we'll fly to Madrid, rent a car and see Spain and Portugal.  We're even thinking of taking a ferry over to Morocco for a night or two.
So next year, God willing, will be a great year and a wonderful start to the next few years "Finally Newellin".

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  1. Forest and Cindy....congratulations of the beginning of your travel blog. We will look forward to following your travels, and, hopefully, crossing paths. Our departure date has been pushed back to February 1st. On that date we will be heading down to Temecula, CA (not that far from our present location) to have our solar charging system installed by AM Solar, and then a couple of days later heading south for the winter. We will stop by Mesa, AZ to visit Tom and Darlene for a few days, then on to the Gulf Coast. Our plan is to hit the coast near Corpus Christi and then head east on the coast. Should be in your neck of the woods late February, or early March. If you are still in town we will stop by and visit. We also have blog called What's Newell at As David often says "Safe Travels!!"