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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spring cleaning

After enjoying a few more days here in Cedar Key we drove up the Suwannee River with Clarke & Elaine to see a few springs.  The first one was Manatee Springs and unfortunately due to the warm weather this last week there were no manatees in the spring.  But it was really pretty.  Think of Lake Verret with all of the cypress trees but sandy bottom and crystal clear water.  Manatee Spring averages 80 to over a 100 million gallons of water each day boiling up through the spring into the Suwannee River.  The water is incredibly clear and keeps the tannic brown water (which is still pretty clear) from the Suwannee from entering the spring.
After enjoying Manatee Spring we drove up to Fanning Springs which was a really neat state park right on the edge of town.  The ranger we talked to says they average 1200 people each day in the summer.  These springs all have a nice roped off swimming area and the water is 72 degrees all year.  There were a few people swimming in Fanning Spring.
We then drove a little more to Otter Springs Park, a nice campground run by the city park department.  This spring wasn't quite as nice but the campground was nicer.
In my senior year of college me and a couple friends scrounged up some camping gear, loaded up our scuba gear and spent a couple weeks camping and diving at some of these same springs.   Kind of brings back memories.  Then when we were first married we would drive up to Vortex and Morrison Springs with some friends and dive all weekend.
Then we made groceries at Winn Dixie and headed back to Cedar Key. 
Our group had a potluck dinner tonight.  We contributed gumbo which was enjoyed by all.
All in all another enjoyable day in Florida.  Even though it was very windy.  We have the cold front coming through tonight.  Still windy and there is a chill to the air.  It'll be nice to sleep with the windows open tonight, if Cindy lets me.

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