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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back to Thibodaux

We left Cottonwood on Tuesday after putting the coach in storage.  I winterized it just in case we don't come back in October.  We decided a few days ago to drive instead of flying so Cindy could be home for Mother's Day.  I figured I owed her that much for putting up with me in such a confined space! for 3 months!
We hit the road about 1pm and drove to Santa Rosa, NM just east of Albuquerque.  Only 1 small incident when the winds were blowing pretty hard and a flock of tumbleweeds attacked Cindy while she was driving.  She got one and it stayed in the grille all the way home!
Wednesday we drove to Decatur, TX for the night, just north of Dallas.  We had a lunch meeting in Dallas where I ate an awesome crab patty sandwich.  Well it would have been really awesome if it would have had a bit of Zatarains....
Then we drove to Alexandria for the night.  We knew we were in Louisiana then with real green grass on the side of the road!  And rain clouds in the sky!  And HUMIDITY!  AAARGGHHHHH!
We went to Tunks Cypress Inn for dinner and I had the softshell crabs and Cindy had the shrimp enbrochettes.  Very good, seasoned well and very fresh.


We left Friday morning a bit earlier than we planned since it was starting to rain.  Had light rain until Paincourtville where it started raining pretty heavy.  We decided to surprise Cindy's mom and visited for a bit.
Got home around 1pm, surprisingly the house looks ok.  A couple small things to fix but nothing major.  I was dreading seeing the condition of the house after 3 months.  But Scott has been checking on it and Heather has been coming by to vacuum, and Joseph (our neighbors son) has been cutting the grass.  But the pool is GREEN!  I guess my pool guy has been on vacation also.  So that'll take a few days to get it swimmable.
 And we got to pick up Ella from daycare- PRICELESS!  Don't know who was more excited, us or Ella.  Took her for icecream and then came home to spend time and play lego's.
Probably won't have updates until August when we leave for 5 weeks in Europe.  Hopefully the house will sell in the meantime and we'll be homeless.
Our 3 months travelling has been totally awesome, we've seen some amazing sights and done some pretty amazing things.  Now to put in "home time" until we can head out west again.  Can't wait to see California.

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