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Saturday, July 28, 2012

10 days and counting

Well it's gettin' closer.  In 10 days we leave for 5 weeks in Europe!
Cindy and I have been very busy planning this trip, Cindy especially busy while she tends to her mom.  Cindy spent the last 3 days finalizing our train reservations and was able to finish yesterday.  Thank you very much my dear.
Cindy, Mike, and I leave on August 7th to Paris for 5 days, then fly to Rome for 7 days.  Mike has to fly back on Friday the 17th since he starts his final year in Architecture on Monday.  Cindy and I were lucky enough to book the "Scavi Tour"
This will be very interesting and fulfilling to us as Catholics.
Mike wants to take a day trip to Assissi so we'll hop a train to visit there.  Then Cindy and I will take a train on Monday to Interlaken, Switzerland for 3 days.  When I was researching going there I thought it would be an easy train trip.  Well when Cindy was booking the train reservations we found out there was rail construction on the most direct route and we would be put on a bus and probably miss our connection, so Cindy was able to route us through Zurich on trains the entire way.  Thank you my love!
When we leave Interlaken we'll take the train down to Genova, Italy for the night.  Then take an early morning train to Monaco where we meet up with David and Denise.  David told us about a Marriott credit card promo which we were able to get and get a free night at the Marriott in Monte Carlo!  How cool is that?  One thing I definately want to see is the Jacques Cousteau Museum there.
Then we drive over to Port Cassafrieres, France where we board our canal boat which David and I will pilot to Homps, Fr. visiting all of the quaint little villages along the way.  This will be awesome.
I still remember drinking pina coladas in Bonaire in March last year listening to David say how cool a trip like this would be.  Then in Bonaire last October they joined us for a week and we decided to book the trip.  We all thought it would be great to extend the trip a couple more weeks and see Spain and Portugal.  Then we decided recently to add 3 nights in Fez, Morocco.  So after the boat we'll train to Toulouse and fly to Madrid, Spain.  Then pick up a car and drive over to Madrid, then Tarifa.  At Tarifa we'll take the ferry over to Tangiers, Morocco where a driver will take us to Fez where we have this really neat little hotel Riad Le Calife
Where we'll explore the city.  And I just have to ride a camel!  Then we travel back to Tangiers and cross the Straits of Gibraltar once again then spend our last 2 nights in Marbella, Spain.  Then we bid adieu and fly home from Madrid to Miami then back to the Big Easy.

Today I just have to wish my son and his lovely wife a very happy anniversary!  They are celebrating their 5th on the beach.  And we get Ella for a couple days starting tomorrow.
And to my lovely wife a very happy 34th anniversary tomorrow!

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