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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear Santa....

I really, really, want a RZR for Christmas!
Cindy and I spent the day in a rented RZR having a blast.  These things are off-road go-karts! 
We left home on Thursday morning in the truck and stopped for the night in Kerrville, TX.  Then continued driving west stopping for lunch to eat a really great hamburger at the "Steak House" in Fort Stockton.  Seriously, that was the name.  Not very creative but one of these great small town cafes with great food and inexpensive.  We spent the night in Deming, NM.  Then arrived at Tom and Darlene's on Sunday afternoon.  We've been enjoying our visit with our friends.
This morning we drove out to Cave Creek to pick up the RZR and spent the day driving through the deserts, slot canyons, up and down steep mountains.  Had a great time, Cindy had to grab the "oh s*it" bar quite a few times.  The weather was really nice, low 80's and sunny, with LOW humidity.
Thursday morning we'll drive up to Cottonwood and get the coach out of storage.  We might spend a week around Cottonwood.  We would like to see Sedona.  Last trip out here Sedona was really crowded with no place to park.  So we'll see.  After that we'll spend another day up in Jerome.  Then head somewhere not sure where yet.  We do plan to meet up with some other Newell owners at Senator Wash near Yuma and boondock for a week or two.  Then we'll meander until it's time to put the coach in storage for the winter back in Cottonwood and head home for Thanksgiving.

And Santa, I promise I've been really good this year....

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