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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Colors

We drove into Cottonwood and went straight to the coach in storage.  First problem, I had parked next to a fence thinking that would leave only one side vulnerable.  Well some crazy bush with 1/2" thorns decided to grow through the fence blocking the door!  No way to squeeze past so I had to break each branch.  Once inside we were glad to find everything ok.  So I started the engine, let the systems air up, and started the generator while Cindy opened windows.  We drove to our site in the campground and I hooked up while Cindy cleaned up inside.  Then we drove into town for groceries.  A while later we noticed water on the floor by the toilet.  AAARGH!  yep the fill valve was leaking.  No place nearby to get another one, but not really a problem, just have to keep a cup of water to flush.  That will work until we can get back to Phoenix.
The weather is great, high of about 82, low into the 30's.  Really enjoying our time here. 
Yesterday I replaced one of the baseboard heaters.  Now Cindy has heat on her side.  I also added a shelf for the printer where the main TV was.  Oh yeah, we also mailed in our ballots.  Don't forget to vote!
Today we drove up AZ 260 into the mountains and drove the Mogollon Rim.  Beautiful drive, with trees.  Don't see many trees in the desert but our campground is along the Verde River so there are a lot of cottonwoods here.  We went mainly to try and find fall colors from the leaves changing.  Looks like we are about 2 weeks too late for peak color but did see some nice colors.  This area is primarily pine trees but whenever there are oaks, aspen, or maples you see some beautiful colors.  Bright yellows, deep golden, and bright reds. 
Oh yeah we saw a bull elk crossing the road about 100' in front of us as we drove down a small dirt road.  Also a few fox squirrels and chipmunks.
We had an enjoyable day driving the Mogollon Rim.  Now for dinner, Cindy cooked a very good chicken spaghetti, yumm.  Mass tomorrow.

look real close and you can the elk

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