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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Important update

We finally have a sale on the house!!
We were in Phoenix when our agent called.  The house was off the market, we decided to relist it in the spring.  After showing our house we received an offer, went back and forth and finally got a price that would work.  So we decided to drive back in the coach.  Unfortunately Cindy got a call that her aunt Nez had passed away.  She lived a great life to 94!  We will all miss her dearly.
We drove to El Paso on Sunday and Monday morning brought Cindy to the airport so she could fly home for the funeral.  I spent the next few days driving through Texas.  Finally made it home on Wednesday just in time to see Ella in her school Thanksgiving skit.
Well we've been pretty darn busy getting ready to sell and disposing of quite a lot of stuff.  We will put just a few pieces of furniture and tools from the barn into storage while we spend a few years living and travelling in the coach.  One day we'll buy another place, probably at the Greens in Pelican Point.  But there is no reason to buy anything just now.
Got a call yesterday, the appraisal is accepted and we are just waiting for the closing date.  Supposed to be the 21st. 
So I guess that means we better move our stuff into storage this weekend.  Then we plan to stay at Poche Plantation RV in Convent until mid-February.  Scott is running his first marathon in the Mardi Gras Marathon so we'd like to be there to cheer him on.
Oh yeah, Santa came early and dropped off my present:

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