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Saturday, November 3, 2012

London Bridge is falling down....

our view these last few days on the Colorado River

Steve & Patty's classic Newell

London Bridge
Well, don't know yet but we plan to find out later today.
We left Cottonwood on Tuesday and drove to North Ranch an Escapees park in Congress, AZ.  This is a nice park with typical gravel campsites for short term stays and a nice subdivision with anything from RV's to houses.
A friend called and invited us to spend a few days with them at Emerald Cove, a membership park in Earp, CA along the Colorado River.  So why not?  It's only a hundred miles or so, so we unhooked yesterday morning and drove over. It was a nice drive, but there is a lot of desert out here, until the gps had me turn onto a dead end street!  Luckily I was able to turn into a Walmart parking lot and unhook the truck.  I called Steve and he was at Safeway across the street.  Serendipity!  So we followed him to the campground.  We checked in and got parked then visited until happy hour.
We met Steve and Patty at our Newell mini-rally in Creede a few years ago.
Today we may drive up to Lake Havasu City where the original London Bridge was rebuilt.  Well it was pretty un-inspiring.... but I guess every town has to have its star.
Yesterday we cooked a smoked turkey & sausage gumbo and enjoyed sharing with Steve & Patty.  Today we're just hangin', tomorrow we head back to Congress and explore around there.  Supposed to be a ghost town or two.

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  1. Forrest and Cindy,

    Nice blog thank you for the invitation to read it. I like looking at your adventures, I think the top picture would be a great one for an avatar on the forum. :) I can add it if you'd like. ;) I think it is wonderful that the Newell Classic site had brought so many of you together.