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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the road again, finally

Well after just over a month in Thibodaux we flew out on father's day after an enjoyable lunch with Scott & Mike.
We really enjoyed our time spent with family, especially Ella!  Cindy and I took her to the BR zoo one day.  Unfortunately pawpaw tripped over a rock in the middle of the sidewalk.  Who cements a 1' high rock in a sidewalk?  That hurt, I scraped my shoulder, left arm, right shin, sprained both wrists, my left big toe, and destroyed a pair of glasses.  Ouch!  Could barely walk for 2 days.  My shin still needs a bit of healing and my right wrist still hurts.  But it was still fun spending the day with Ella.

Our flight with  American was ok, that's all I'll say about it.  But sitting at our gate in Dallas a ticket agent comes over and asks if these 2 pieces of luggage belong to anyone?  HUH?  Nobody claimed them.  So a few minutes later here comes a security guard riding her scooter.  She starts looking at the luggage tags and moving the luggage around.  I told Cindy I thought it would be a good time to take a stroll.  I mean come on now, abandoned luggage in an airport?  We don't know what ended up happening because I wasn't hanging around.  So we took a walk and didn't hear any booms so it turned out ok.  Who in their right minds leaves their luggage unattended now a days?
Well we finally made it into Dallas, got our luggage and walked out into 70 degree temperature with NO humidity!  Wow the weather is once again pleasant.  We got the truck and drove to the campground.  The coach was fine but real dusty.  We spent yesterday picking up the RZR and making groceries and getting the coach ready to travel again.  Two couples met us at the campground and are following us to the rally in Spearfish.  We had a nice drive up to Sidney, NE and are at the Cabela's campground at their World Headquarters.
Tomorrow we drive up to Custer, SD and spend a few nights.  We plan to see Mt. Rushmore, Custer Battlefield and a few other sites.  Then drive to Spearfish on Saturday morning.
More later....

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  1. Hey Forest, we'll be visiting Custer State Park Friday before heading into Spearfish. See you in Spearfish!