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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Black Hills

Tuesday morning we drove up to Sidney, NE and stayed at the Cabelas campground at their world headquarters.  The Cabelas store was a typical Cabelas, really about the size as the one in Gonzales.  Nothing special considering the location.  We have some friends following us that met us in Hudson.
I had the generator shut down as we were driving to Sidney.  After checking everything and narrowing it down to probably a fuel issue (thanks the next morning I found a wire that had come off of the fuel pump.  We got power!  Ran the generator during the drive Wednesday and it ran great on the drive to Custer, SD.  We drove through a section of the national park and had to stop to let the buffalo cross the road.  Really neat and it was a beautiful scenic drive, much better than interstates.
The campground we're in is nice in the pine trees but the site took a bit of maneuvering to get into.  I love trees but why do they leave trees right at the corner of the sites?
Thursday we rode with Rudy & Carol through the park up to Mt. Rushmore.  That is something everyone should see.  So inspiring and a testament to how great our country was.  Now it's up to us to get it back on track and keep it great!
Today we had planned to drive around more but the rain and hail woke us up so we just hung around and enjoyed a lazy day.  Just to the north of us in Rapid City they reported baseball sized hail.  Ouch!
So we have the coach ready to leave in the morning for Spearfish and meet up with 20 + other Newell owners.
And then I saw on the news that Calgary is flooded.  We're planning on staying in Cochrane and the campground there is right on the Bow river.  But they are ok for now.  But we don't know if the flooding will affect the Stampede or not.  It'll still be a nice trip.

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