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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Number Hill?

Well our 3 weeks at North Fork are about up.  We spent the day riding the truck around the countryside enjoying the views.  We'll be glad to get down to Arco where we should have cell service and better internet.  We'll say goodbye and good luck to some dear friends.  They are having engine trouble so will take their time driving to a repair shop in Spokane.  We're heading south.

The drive followed the Salmon River about 70 miles and was just an incredibly beautiful drive.  Very curvy with 35mph and 25mph curves around the river bends.  Mountains on either side, just gorgeous.  The rest of the drive was through the Lost River valley with a few hard climbs then descents down to the valley.  The campground is really nice with huge sites, and free egg and pancake breakfast each morning.  Pretty nice for the price and very good food.
The view from our site overlooks Number Hill.  Back in 1920 the graduating class  decided to climb the mountain and paint their class year on the cliff edges.  Since then each graduating class has followed suit.  Pretty impressive!

Saturday we took the RZR through town and drove up to King Mountain Launch Site.  Para-gliders use this to launch and fly around the area at 8100 feet.  Great view overlooking the little town of Moore.  As we were driving down we saw a truck climbing to one of the sites so we followed them.  As luck would have it there were 3 guys and a girl that set up and launched.  Really neat to be so close as they took off.

Earlier that morning we attempted a hike to Natural Arch.  This was at 7000 feet and turned out to be a very steep hike through loose rock.  We made it about halfway then turned around.  Not enough oxygen up there for us.

Today we drove over to Craters of the Moon National Monument.  A 2000 year old lava flow.  We hiked up to the top of a dome for an overlook of the area.  Then hiked to some caves and explored a bit.

Tomorrow we'll haul the RZR to Mackay and take the gold mine trails.  Should be another great day.
Tonight we were able to FaceTime with Scott, Bevi, Ella, and her "little sister to be".  It was really nice to see them.  We really felt so isolated at North Fork without cell service.
Last night we face timed with Mike and Jessica and saw his new house.

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