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Friday, September 27, 2013

Salt Lake City

First a couple pictures from around Arco.  We took the truck to do the Arco Loop and found this small cave.  It looked interesting so we parked and hiked (climbed) up to it.  At the entrance there was a wooden ladder tied together with really old rope.  Wow, must be treasure or something up there right?  I tried climbing up but couldn't reach the upper level or quite see into it.  So the treasure is still there if anyone wants to find it.

Taking a break after the climb

We left Arco and had a nice drive to Salt Lake City.  The campground is really nice and convenient to the airport.  We hooked up the coach then caught a flight home to Thibodaux.  
We had a nice flight and picked up our rental car.  Drove to St. Joseph and surprised Ella at aftercare.  She had no idea we were coming in and when she saw us she wasn't sure if she was seeing things or it was really us.  She was really excited then we took her to gym practice.  After visiting with Scott & Bevi we met some friends in Houma for seafood.  Had a nice visit with Mike & Linette.  Then Friday afternoon we went back to school for Grandparents Day.  After we took Ella for ice cream, yummy.
Saturday we spent the day at their house and Ella spent the night with us at the Carmel Inn.  Sunday we all went to Unca Mikie's new house for a BBQ.  Got to see Sam, Jake & Laura's new son.
Then Sunday afternoon we said our goodbyes until November.
But, Cindy said Scott told us to have lunch with Ella at school Monday.  So we did and surprised Ella again!  What a great weekend spending so much time with our family.
Back to Salt Lake.  Tom & Darlene came in later in the week for a few days on their way home.  We enjoyed spending time again with them.  They took us to Temple Square which is like the Vatican to the Mormons.  Really nice architecture and I have to say some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
Of course we had to drive out to see the Salt Lake.  It reminded me of home to smell the salt air.

Yes it really is salty!

We also visited the Cathedral of the Madelaine and took a few pictures.  Very pretty but not as large as our Cathedral in Thibodaux.  Guess there aren't as many Catholics here.

Wish they were playing the organ

Such a beautiful Tabernacle

Then David & Denise came in for the Habitat build.  I worked Monday and Tuesday until my back started hurting so I quit.  Cindy hung in there and is finishing the week out today.  One of the projects is to help tear down a Mormon church.  The church was donated to the American Cancer Society who wants to build a Hope Lodge there.  The ACS donated the lumber to Habitat.  
While here I had another vertigo incident so went to an ENT and he said I may have Meniere's disease.  After researching it and finding there is no cure I started looking into alternative care.  There are some supplements and diets that have been effective for some people.  I also found out there is a special Chiropractic procedure call the Blair Procedure.  Just so happens there is a Chiropractor nearby that specializes in the Blair Procedure, or is a "Blair Doc" as he calls it.  He claims an 85% success rate with vertigo sufferers.  So Friday about 11:30 I call his office explaining that we are fulltiming travelers.  They told me to come in and the doctor would see me during his lunch hour.
So I did and after examining me and taking X-rays he scheduled me for a treatment on Saturday morning.  After having the treatment on Saturday I have felt better than I have since I had the first vertigo attack.  My balance is as good as it was before the attacks.  One interesting thing is before the procedure he laid me on a table and said my left leg was 1/2" shorter, Cindy said she could see the difference.  After the procedure my legs were even!  Cindy said it was amazing to see the difference.  Only problem is there are no "Blair Docs" in Louisiana, closest is Dallas.  So if or when I need another procedure I'll need a road trip.  He has given me a list of "Blair Docs" he knows in different areas of the country if I can't get back to Salt Lake.
Last night we went with David & Denise to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice. Really nice performance.

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