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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Colorado bound

We really enjoyed spending a few weeks with Tom and Darlene.  We met them a few years ago in Creede, CO at our first Newell rally and have become close friends.  No, more like family.  They are selling their beautiful home in Mesa and have already bought a neat place in Wittmann out in the desert.  Tom plans to build a huge bus barn and workshop if the county ever issues him a permit.  One morning Tom and I hopped in his golf cart and helped a neighbor build a small “bunny barn”.  His wife is planning to raise rabbits and in the summer Arizona heat they will have to use a swamp cooler to keep them happy and breeding.

We spent lots of time helping them move and setting up the new house.  Cindy helped Darlene pack boxes and move stuff.  I just kinda stood around with my arm in a sling.  Other than that it was a fun time.

But the temperature is getting into the 90’s and it’s time to head to the mountains.  So we pulled out and drove up to Durango, CO.  Really nice here at 6500’ with temps in the low 70’s and nights are in the 40’s.  Yesterday we drove up to Silverton, well Cindy drove.  She did pretty good once she relaxed her death grip on the steering wheel!  Had a nice lunch in Silverton and walked around town.  The town shops aren’t officially open until Sunday so most of them were busy painting and fixing up.  We did find a nice jewelry shop and found a couple Zuni indian necklaces we’ll give to Ella and Eva.  Got them at 1/2 price and the nice lady gave us sterling chains for them.  Hope Ella likes them for her birthday.

Silverton down in the valley

Then we drove home and hit the grocery store.  Today we’re just hanging around the coach taking care of “house stuff”.  Cindy’s washing clothes and I’m working on one of the awnings.  While driving through north Arizona with 30-40mph winds one of the awnings started to open.  So I stopped and Cindy helped me to tie it down.  I think I have it figured out how to lock it better.

Tomorrow we’ll go to Church and then drive out to Pagosa Springs.  There is a campground there that sounds nice.  If we like it and they have availability we may change our plans and stay there a month or two instead of driving out to Oregon and Washington.

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