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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We made it to Paris!  Had an easy flight to Miami then an overnight flight to Paris and arrived here at 8:45am.  I now remember why I hate to fly.  Why do they give you a blanket when it's so warm in the plane that I was sweating all night?  Other than that it wasn't too bad, well not if you like to sleep sitting up.
We're here!  Cindy was kinda frantic in the taxi ride over here especially with all the motorcycles zipping in and out of the traffic and everybody just makes extra lanes whenever they feel like it.  But it's beautiful here weather is nice, down to 56 at night and high 70's to low 80's.
Our apartment is nice, on the 4th floor and we even have a lift.  Cindy and I took a nice walk and found Naturalia, small natural foods store so we stocked up on essentials- coffee, wine, fruit, yogurt.
When Mike wakes up in a bit we'll walk out and find a nice little cafe for a late lunch/early dinner.
Our apartment is in the 2nd arrondisement and we found the Metro station a couple blocks away so we can go anywhere from there.
from outside our apartment window

Cindy making a list of things she definately won't eat!

our lift, I can barely turn around in it, but beats climbing 5 flights of stairs
Only have a couple pictures so far but I promise I'll have more tomorrow when my eyes and body aren't so tired.

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