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Sunday, February 10, 2013

We enjoyed a nice, quiet week in Cedar Key on the coast with our
friends (Clarke & Elaine) from California.  We parted ways last
Saturday when we headed on to Silver Springs which is inland just
outside of Ocala.  This was a very nice park but quite different from
the one at Cedar Key.  We spent a couple of days riding the RZR on
some trails in the forests, had a couple of days with rain and spent
some time shopping in Ocala.  We were in search of a new recliner for
the coach.  The old Lazy Boy we used this fall was not going to last
much longer so when we were in this winter and emptying the house, we
switched it out with our office chair for a temporary fix.  We decided
on the recliner we wanted after measuring our "space" and a lot of
chairs and after sitting in several recliners.  Now the task is
finding the chair we want in the color that will work for us.  No luck
with the color in the three stores we visited in Ocala.  Forest
emailed and called several furniture stores along our route home in
search of the Lazy Boy we decided on.  A furniture store in Lake City,
FL has the recliner we want and maybe the color we want.  Now the
search continues.

SO...  yesterday we got everything ready for our morning departure.
This morning after coffee and breakfast we unplugged and headed out
about 9AM.  Lake City is about 1 1/2 hours from Silver Springs.  We stopped
at the last rest stop before our exit and unhooked the truck.  I drove
the truck to the store and Forest followed in the coach.  It was an
easy drive from the interstate to the store.  Forest was able to turn
the coach around in the parking lot across the street from the
furniture store and park in that parking lot, thanks to the business
being closed.

It is our lucky day!  The George Etheridge Furniture Store in Lake
City had the recliner we were looking for in a color we liked.  In no
more than 15 minutes the bill was paid and the recliner settled in to
its new home.  Wheels rolling again with our new purchase in place,
next stop ...... lunch at the first rest stop on I-10 westbound.

We will be stopping at a sheep and goat farm in Monticello, FL for the
night.  Tomorrow we will continue on to Falling Waters State Park in
Chipley, FL for the night.  This state park has the tallest water fall
in Florida, hope the water is falling.  Monday we plan to stop in
Crestview to join Julie and Harry for lunch.  Then we will continue on
to our next stop in Summerdale, Alabama for a couple of nights.  Plans
are to arrive in Thibodaux on Wednesday.

Hope all is well with everyone!

And now for some pictures from Forest:
no idea who Big Ed was but he was truly loved!

a couple more from the Cedar Key cemetary

Falling Waters State Park, the waterfall drops 100' into the sinkhole below.

then disappears only to resurface somewhere unknown.


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