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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We wake today to sunshine, a welcome sight.

We survived to drive into and out of New Orleans!  We left the Civic
Center in Thibodaux on Friday, forgot there was an event scheduled for
the weekend and we had to be out, rather than Saturday.  Lucky for us
the New Orleans French Quarter RV Resort had a spot available for us.
It was a privately owned spot with no discount, cost us almost as much
Friday night as the two nights we reserved for the weekend - but it
was available.  Our drive in WAS going quite well until Cindy's
computer locked up half way to New Orleans from Thibodaux.  You see
Forest has his GPS and Cindy uses her computer with Streets and Trips
along with maps open on mapquest and google maps.  You might think
this is over kill and maybe it is, but Cindy feels better to have all
of the resources in use.  So when the computer locked up, we were not
yet to the interstate, she had to shut it down and fire it up again.
As our luck goes, there were 9 updates that began to install delaying
the shut down.  By the time everything was downloaded, the computer
shut down and fired back up, we were just about a mile from our exit
off of the interstate into the French Quarter.  Good thing the GPS was
working for Forest and Cindy had made notes of our splits and exit

The staff at the New Orleans French Quarter RV Resort had given us
directions to take the first right off of the interstate off ramp and
then an immediate right to the resort.  Well we missed it!  That first
right looked like a turn into a parking lot so we passed it, didn't
see their sign which was behind the bench for the bus stop.  SO we
took the very next right and saw a sign for the resort.  As it turns
out, that first missed right IS down a small street between parking
lots.  Well as it goes, you can see the resort from the interstate and
once you get there it is easy to understand the directions.  We just
missed the turn.

The resort is very nice and very convenient to the French Quarter.  It
is a gated park with roomy paved sites.  The resort has a hot tub and
pool, laundry and private shower rooms.  We were comfortable walking
into the Quarter during the day but would not do it alone after dark.
It is very easy to get a cab if you want to take that option.  Anyone
who has been to the French Quarter in New Orleans knows there are tons
of eating and drinking options.  We opted for Johnny's PoBoys on St.
Louis Street on two occasions while we were there.  The food was
excellent.  Seating is very crowded and there is a never ending line
of people waiting to place their order at the counter.  The food was
worth the wait.  I think you will find the same for most restaurants
in the French Quarter.

Scott joined us Saturday evening.  We cooked dinner for him and he
spent the night with us.  He was up at 3:30 AM so that he could have
his breakfast before his 7 AM start of the Rock-N-Roll Marathon.  This
was Scott's first marathon (and he now says his last marathon).  We
cheered him on 4 times along his 26.2 mile route and saw him at the
finish.  We are so proud of his accomplishment.

Thankfully the weather in New Orleans on Sunday was very good for the
marathon.  BUT Sunday night a storm came through including hail.
Monday morning was still rainy with the threat of more stormy weather
predicted for the afternoon.  We pulled out of the French Quarter
Resort about 9:30 AM to beat the weather back to Thibodaux.  And the
storms did roll in Monday afternoon followed by sunshine and a double
rainbow before sunset.  So happy the weather forecast for the rest of
the week is clear and cool.

Tomorrow we get to pick up Ella from school at noon!  That'll make our day.
Then Thursday we drive the coach to Paincourtville.  Cindy's family has some
property very next to her mom and today I put in a 50amp plug so we can park there
for a few days. We will plan to return there each winter and stay from Thanksgiving
through February or so.Our plans are to leave Monday for Monroe where we'll visit
a friend for a couple days, then head to Dallas to visit other friends.  Then westward HO!

mile 3

Cindy even ran!

Mike and Jessica came to cheer Scott on

Finish Line!  Not looking too bad after 26.2 miles

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