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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back to the USA

The drive from Cardston to the US border was only about 20 minutes.  The border crossing was very small and they actually had to open the gate for us to pass through.  The agent took our passports and told us to park alongside Clarke & Elaine.  Oops, full body search?  Clarke already had his trailer opened.  The agent came up to us with our passports and asked a couple questions then we had an enjoyable chat for about 15 minutes.  He was from Houston and very interested in our trip to the Icefields.  He was planning to take his wife and kids there on a short vacation.  A very nice welcome back to the states.
We followed Clarke until Babb where he pulled over for fuel.  A quick toot on the air horn and we were once again on our own.  We had said our goodbyes last night and have really enjoyed our month spent traveling with them.
The drive on 93 took us past the entrance to Glacier which we will see later and over to I-15 at Shelby where we fueled up.
 We spent the night at Great Falls and retrieved our guns which had been in safekeeping for 3 weeks.
Yesterday we drove down I-15 through Helena and past Butte where we took hwy 43.  I-15 was tough with numerous 6% grades up and down.  And 45 mph curves at the bottom of most descents.
Hwy 43 started out following the winding Beaverhead River and was narrow and very curvy.  I was driving 30mph through the first 15 or so miles.  Finally it straightened out a bit and then up into the trees.  There was a steep long 6% climb up to the Continental Divide (about the 3rd time we crossed it during the day) and Chief Joseph Pass.  Then we hit hwy 93 in Idaho and began our drop from 7200 feet to 3500 ft.  Very slow with 20mph curves for the first 10 miles.  Then the road straightened out a bit and I idled down and cruised at 52mph without touching the accelerator. 
Finally pulled into the Wagonhammer RV park and got our campsite for the next 2 or 3 weeks.  We were met by Lynn and Jeff and introduced to a nice bunch of guys.  It seems half the people, including the campground owners, have RZRs.  So we should have some fun riding this area.

We saw this RV in the Icefields and when I saw them at a rest area I visited with the  couple from Germany

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