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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

River of no return

When we decided to meet some friends at Wagonhammer Campground in North Fork, ID I had no idea where we were going or what there was to do in the area.  But Jeff assured me that there is beaucoup RZR riding.  Well there is, and the campground is along the Salmon River which is near Salmon, ID which is the birthplace of Sacajawea, the Indian maiden who helped Louis and Clarke explore this area.  We have been crossing locations on the Louis and Clarke trail.  The river just downstream of us (the river runs north?? ain't that backwards?) is also known as the "River of No Return".  Today a couple of us rode Rzrs down the river and I can understand why it was named so.  The mountains are very steep and there was no way before the road to walk the area on foot or horseback.  But it is beautiful.  We stopped at the Shoup Store which is still open even after the mining town closed up.  The store is powered by a small hydro-electric generator.  Great milk shakes.

We had to stop and wait for them to get off the road

River of no return

These are still in use at the Shoup store at $5.50/gallon!

Since we've been here almost a week we went on 2 other Rzr rides.  One up to the top of a close-by mountain to a fire station.  And another ride across a mountain to the town of Wisdom for a gun show and lunch.  Both were nice rides.  There are some other areas we want to explore, a ghost town, waterfalls, and other interesting geologic formations.  I might even try fly fishing one day.

There is a haze in the air from fires to the north of us.

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