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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Almost ready

Our time left here in Louisiana is getting very short.  We’re still leaving on Monday but found out our dear friends  Clarke & Elaine have had to cancel their trip.  We’ll miss having them along but understand.
Last week we drove over to Bella Terra RV resort at Foley, AL to visit with our Newell Gurus friends.  Had lots of fun and made new friends!  We did have a few hot air balloons float low overhead.

The trip over was uneventful except for the rearview camera.  It has an intermittent problem that I thought I had fixed.  Nope, so I’m waiting for Amazon to deliver a new camera system and I’ll be working on that this week.  
Cindy was able through her extreme persistence to get an appointment for tomorrow for the 2nd epidural injection for my back.  I might have been OK with the first one but usually it takes 2 to get 6 months or so of relief.
Yesterday we drove to Thibodaux and surprised Ella and Eva at their school to have lunch with them.  It’s always a joy to visit their school and see a few of the teachers there from when our sons went there.  The staff is always so welcoming and the food is pretty darn good.  Eva was jumping for joy when she saw us, Ella being almost 11 going on 16 was a typical pre-teenager.  But she did manage to hug both of us.  After her friends left the cafeteria of course!
So the rest of this week we’ll be finishing packing the coach and getting the house ready to close up.  We'll spend Mother's Day at Cindy's mom's with our sons, then probably spend the night in the coach so we can be ready to leave Monday morning.
Until next time!

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