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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Halfway point

After spending a great week with our friends we headed north again, with rain off and on.  Still not a bad day driving, just tiring.  Spent the night at a county park in Shelley, MT then on to Great Falls.
While in Great Falls we went to the First Nation Buffalo Jump.  Interesting to see how they would herd the buffalo into a stampede and guide them over a cliff to their deaths.  Indian hunters would wear buffalo skins to guide them then jump off the cliff to a small ledge where they would wait until the herd would fall.  Then the tribe would process the carcasses for their use.
Cindy standing at edge of cliff

Back side of cliff

Cindy walking along edge of cliff

After spending a couple days in Great Falls we got an early start and left about 9am in the rain.  We stopped in Shelby to fuel up then stopped at the Sweet Grass, MT border crossing.  After a few quick questions we were on our way into Alberta.
First stop was at the info center.  Gotta be careful walking around the grounds.

The rain cleared up after a few Kilometers.  We drove into Vulcan and found a spot in a city park with full hookups for $25/night Canadian ($18.60 US).  After a short rest we drove to the grocery to pick up a few items then went to the Vulcan Star Trek museum.  The entire town has Star Trek themes, a car repair shop has Shuttle Bays 1-3, there is a pet store named Porthos, the street lights are shaped like the Enterprise.  There is an Enterprise replica right in front of the town.  Neat place if you're a trekkie.  

Tomorrow we might drive in the truck to Drumhellen to see more dinosaurs.
Oh BTW, we're about halfway now to Anchorage, AK!

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