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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Not so wild-life, and ice

Today we decided to take a short drive to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  After parking we did a 2 mile walk around all of the exhibit habitats which were set up nicely.  We saw elk, wood bison, black bears, grizzly bears, a porcupine, sitka deer, reindeer, and a few others.

After that we drove down the Portage Highway, stopped at a pullout for a short hike through the woods along a creek.  There were 2 college guys from Texas A&M who I talked with for a bit.  Oops, forgot the bear spray so Cindy went back to the truck for it.  While there she talked with the 2 Texans a bit more.  She told them we were from Louisiana and one of them said "yeah, I heard".  Huh? guess we do have an accent....
Then we drove down to the boat dock to get tickets for the Portage Glacier cruise.  Short cruise, maybe 15 minutes to the glacier which is on a landlocked lake.  The Park guide said the lake is sterile due to the opacity of the water from all of the glacial silt.  We spent about 20 minutes drifting along the glacier taking pictures.  Didn't see any calving but the day was beautiful with no clouds.  
Which they say is unusual for the Kenai.  Their usual weather is rain.

Tomorrow we'll head over to Kenai City for a few days then further down either to Ninilchik or Anchor Point.  We still want to take a bear viewing flight to see the bears feeding on salmon in the creeks and rivers.  We'll either do that from Soldotna or call Mark again in Homer.

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