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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Desert Pinstripes!

Spent the day yesterday in Big Bend State Park.  Nice but dry, last year was a record drought.  Took the jeep on a 6 mile 4x4 trail.  Got my first pinstripes, but that's why I bought a used jeep.  Was in 4x4 Low most of the trail.  Glad I have skidplates since I scraped quite a few times, I need a lift!
Took a hike up over and into a canyon.  Really tough going down into the canyon with the loose rocks.  Walked around a while in the arroyo, found the springs.  Couldn't find the loop trail out so had to climb up out the way we came in.  Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
The drive into the park is 27 miles on a rough gravel road.  Drove into Presidio and found a catholic church so was able to make mass.  Got back after dark, Cindy cooked spaghetti with deer meat, wine, yumm..
It was a nice day but long and tiring.  This morning I cooked bacon and Hebert eggs, yumm.
We plan to see the Terlingua ghost town then come back for a $5 buffet at the campground then relax.
Tomorrow we'll go into the National park.  That may take a couple days.

Into our second week and having FUN!

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