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Saturday, February 18, 2012

What a difference...

A couple hundred miles make.  After spending 2 days just west of Houston watching it rainnnnnnnnn........We managed to back out of our pull through space, back was asphalt forward was very wet and soft gravel, and leave. 
We're here in Hondo, TX at the Escapees Lone Star Corral private campground.  This place is very nice, sunny with some clouds passing over but dry and cool.  We're going to mass in a few minutes then eat a nice steak, hit the grocery store and head "home".
Tomorrow we'll sight see some of the local areas, either in San Antonio or out around here.
Monday I want to get the rear outside tires replaced.  They had some minor weather cracking but after getting here the cracks look worse so I'd rather replace them now and not risk a blowout.
Then we'll head on to Del Rio for a night or two, then on to Big Bend!

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