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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New tires done, now in Del Rio

Well yesterday was a very long day. Got up at 5:30 to drive to the Goodyear place for 7:30. The guys started, then took a taco break about 8, then as they were removing the driver's inside tire one of the "bud" bolts broke. So they tried for an hour trying to remove the broken bolt. Finally one of the road service guys came over and pulled off the old tire and put on the new one with the rim still on the coach. I talked it over with the service manager and decided to leave the broken bolt as it was and get it changed later. Not so fast, they broke 2 studs when they were tightening the rim. So me and Peanut went searching for 20 new studs. After an hour and trying 5 places we found them at Wabash Trailer supply. Went back and Peanut starting hammering the old studs out and hammering the new ones in. They didn't have and couldn't find a hydraulic press. (Let me tell you it's hard to take a nap with all that hammering going on.) Finally about 4:30 they finished. I settled up the bill. I gotta admit with the problems these guys had they didn't give up. Every now and then someone would come relieve Peanut and give him a break. Overall I was pleased even with the problems they had.
Left there and tanked up at Flying J, drove over to Blue Beacon and had stuffed manicotti and corn on the cob while waiting in line (priceless). Got it washed and got back to the Escapees campground at 8:30pm. Had a bowl of icecream and a glass of wine and went to bed.
Changed the hose clamp on one of the radiator hoses that had started leaking.  Looks like it is working great.  Took a nice drive over to Del Rio, about 150 miles.
Sitting in Del Rio now at Holiday Travel Park for a couple days.  Then should head over to Marathon, not sure if we'll stay there or closer to the park.  Decisions, decisions....

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