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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Law West of the Pecos- Judge Roy Bean presiding!

Had a nice day today, rode out to Langtry.  Surprised at how small the town was.  One of those blinkers, blink and you'll miss it.  The visitor center was really nice and the bar/courtroom was really nice.  There was a nice cactus garden with displays of quite a few different cacti and trees.  After lunch we rode back into Del Rio to the Val Verde Winery for a tour and a few bottles of vino.  Tomorrow morning we leave early, well after 8am anyway, for LaJitas to spend 4 days at Big Bend.  Won't have cell phone service but I think the campground has wifi.  Fixing to bbq a steak and sweet potatoes with french bread for dinner to celebrate the end of our 1st week.

Law West of the Pecos, Judge Roy Bean

Inside of the bar/courtroom

Pecos River

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