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Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter Quarters

     Yesterday we moved to what will be our Winter Quarters each year.  Cindy's family has some farming land with a metal building and a concrete pad where we will park on.  Last week I hooked up a 50amp plugin.  Today I will hook up a sewer connection.  We are less than 100 yards to Cindy's mom.  Nice and quiet with a good view.  Such a welcome relief after being parked behind the civic center!  I look forward to November when we will return to settle in for a few months.  Heck I might even plant a small winter garden....
     We picked up Ella at noon on Wednesday then bought some take out lunch.  Off to Peltier park for a picnic.  As we were setting up a boy hollers "Ella!"  it was one of her classmates.  So after gobbling down her lunch she ran off to play with him.  We watched her play about 2 hours before we headed back to her house.  A nice relaxing afternoon.
     Last night was really quiet and dark.  The civic center had quite a bit of lights so we couldn't tell when dawn came.  Today was much different.  As we were drinking our coffee I heard some noise outside the coach in the building.  So I walked outside and talked to one of Cindy's cousins husband who was getting some ice.  Come to find out the company he works for is now part of Boardwalk pipelines the parent company I retired from, and he is in measurement also.  Quite a coincidence.
     This morning we have to meet with our cpa to finalize our tax returns.  Then plan to have dinner with Cindy's sister and husband.  We are planning to leave out on Monday but may stay a couple days longer since it is so nice here.  "jello plans"
Here are a few pictures of our new "home", it will take a bit of cleaning up but I'll work on that when we fly back for Mike's graduation.

That's Cindy's mom's house on the left

Lots of room to ride the RZR

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