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Friday, March 22, 2013

Gotta love country life

We are still east of Dallas, parked in our friends driveway with a view of a
Texas shaped pond.  Yes, the pond is shaped like the state of Texas.
They live on a 200+ acre horse farm in a beautiful home.  We have been
 enjoying supper together every night since we arrived.  They are still working
but do work from home, so we say hi during the day but leave them to work.  What
wonderful hosts!  They have opened their home to us to use as our own.
 We have taken advantage of their washer and dryer so that we don't
fill our waste tank too soon.  We have power and water from them and
will be able to dump our waste on our way out.  They prepared
supper for us the first two nights and we cooked a corn & andouille soup for them
last night.  She is planning homemade pizza tonight and we will make a Key lime pie.
We have all blown our diets since we arrived.  Everyone will just have to work
harder next week to get back to our normal diets.

Early this morning I was invited by our host to have coffee with a few locals.  Sure, sounded
like fun.  So he picked me up in the golf cart and we rode over to the next house,
climbed a fence and went to the neighbors.  There were about 6 older retired neighbors
and the local undertaker (guess you gotta entertain your clients) so we enjoyed
each others stories and company.  Really was a lot of fun.

We are learning all we can about our new home before we head out
again.  We spent last weekend moving everything from our old coach to
our new coach.  Now we are trying to figure out what needs to be moved
around to make everything most comfortable and travel best.  So far we
have not moved too much, we did take our time last weekend trying to
put things where they will stay (did a pretty good job of it).

Currently we are planning to hit the road again on Monday.  The next
planned visit will be with Steve and Suzy in Golden, Missouri.  They
are a little west of Branson.  The drive from here will probably be a
two day trip, we don't like to go too far in one day.  Steve has sent
us directions with 3 recommended stops along the way.  It is nice when
you can get directions first hand from someone familiar with the
route.  They did get a light snow yesterday and we are going to watch
the weather.  If needed, we will delay our departure; we do not travel
in rain if we can help it and certainly not on icy roads.  Steve said
their weather should warm up nicely before Tuesday.  Having the "home
on wheels" makes travel so nice.  We can come and go whenever we
Here are some pictures of our new home:
Old and new, yes I'm that excited.

Parked in front of our hosts.

The slides make a huge difference.


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