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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Moose, mooses, meeses....

Just another day of nice weather and beautiful scenery.  This morning Cindy and I rode the Rzr down the Shoup Road past Mother Chukar's cafe along the River of No Return.  We had a nice ride with hardly any traffic.  Well except for the bighorn sheep that took their time getting off the road!

We then stopped to watch kayakers go through some rapids.  Most of them made it but a few turned over.

On the way back we came around a curve to find a few trucks stopped in the road.  Great, I thought, hope it's not an accident.  Nope, they were watching a mother moose and her young'un across the river!  I was able to get a few shots once they were out of the trees climbing up the mountain.  When we stopped for a milk shake at the Shoup Store I asked how often they see moose there and they said never.  They see them out in the meadows about 10 miles upstream but had never seen them there.

Another day in paradise!


  1. All right! Who knew we had to go to Idaho to see wild life, huh?

  2. Yeah, and these were along the river with a really steep mountain to climb. No meadows or ponds like we all thought they would be in Canada. Who woulda' known?

  3. Wonderful sighting. How exciting. Look forward to following your adventures.