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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Lions and Tigers and Bears, or just Bears, Moose, and Sheep?

After a restful couple days at Vulcan we drove to visit Glenn, a friend we met at Tom's house.  Glenn lives near Mulhurst Bay, AB on his farm but spends his winters in Arizona.  We had an enjoyable visit, walked around his farm, went eat Chinese, then after more visiting hit the hay.

The next morning we drove to Wembley, AB where we visited the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur museum.  Nice exhibits and had dinner at the restaurant there.  Cindy had a pulled pork sandwich and I had a chicken dish with curry sauce and rice, both very good.  We asked if we could spend the night in their parking lot and got an ok.  We woke to smoke from the wildfires north of us.  After driving an hour we were out of the smoke but got into it again at Fort Nelson.  The smoke started near a 4 year old burn site but was from the Alberta fires.  After Fort Nelson the smoke got thicker and visibility was 1/4-1/2 mile.  Finally it cleared an hour or so later.

Drove up to Buckinghorse Provincial park on the river and pulled into a campsite backwards so we had a view of the river out the windshield.  Another nice and quiet night, but we went to sleep before it was dark since sunset is after 11pm!  No wildlife sightings though.  Oh yeah the sun is up and shining bright at 4:30 am!

We made it to Dawson Creek, BC where the Alcan Highway officially starts at mile 0.  Took our picture at the sign to make it official.  Cindy got her allotted armload of brochures and maps.  I gotta watch our coach weight now.  Where did that rock come from?

Then we continued our drive and saw a bear on the roadside with a yellow dandelion in his mouth!  Then further down another bear, then a moose, then a momma bear with a few cubs.  We weren't able to stop for these pictures but a while later we saw a camper ahead of us stop.  So when we got there I pulled over and we watched a bear eating for a while and got some pictures.  Oh, and we figured out the age-old question of where a bear poops:  not in the woods but on the roadside!
We did see a moose but he was very skittish and before I could slow down he turned and galloped into the trees.  But at least we do know they exist!

Then later on we saw some stone sheep on the roadside.  And some more I had to slow down for since they looked as if they might try to cross the road.  
The drive today started out on a nice road then a 5 mile section with gravel patches.  Then a very windy and bumpy drive along the Toad river for an hour or so.  Beautiful but tiring.  
We pulled into Strawberry Flats Provincial park on Muncho Lake and scored a nice campsite.  And yes we pulled into it the wrong way again so we have a great view through the windshield.  Sure beats the view of the trashcans we'd have had if I pulled in the "right" way!  We're thinking of spending 2 nights here and visit the Liard Hot Springs tomorrow.  Well it rained last night and most of the morning.  Then saw some sun mixed with heavy clouds.  So we just had a relaxing down day then rode a couple miles to the Northern Rockies Lodge for a cup of tomato basil soup and carrot cake.  Had so-so internet there so could check emails on our phone but not on our computers.  Just pulled out the chairs to have a glass of wine and enjoy the view then the wind came up!  20-30mph!  and pretty cool.  So put back the chairs and went inside.  But this is a beautiful area, the lake is 730' deep and a gorgeous emerald green color. 

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