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Saturday, June 8, 2019


Just a day trip.  Today we'll move to Whitehorse and spend the night somewhere near town.  Tomorrow we'll attend mass then drive out to Destruction Bay for a day or two.  Then cross the border to spend the summer in Alaska cruising around.  It's really nice being self contained, all we need is a safe place off the road.
Yesterday we drove in to Skagway for a few hours.  Gladly there were only 2 large cruise ships and one small one.  We made our way down Broadway, the main drag, along with hundreds of other tourists.  Had lunch at a little restaurant with “Cruise Ship” prices.  We had two fish tacos and a fish sandwich for $43!  AMERICAN not Canadian!  We followed up later with a fry bread for dessert.  I thought about getting the "1 king crab leg" but for $60 figured I'd pass.  Hopefully in Alaska we'll be able to buy them fresh off the boat for a better price.  And we brought crawfish boil with us!  That should flush out any other cajuns when we start the boiler!
We did a short uphill hike to the Gold Rush Cemetery and the Lower Reid Falls just outside of town.  
We then took a drive up the Dyea Road outside of town to a lookout over the town of Skagway.  And saw the remains of a sunken ship at the end of the fjord.
As the locals told us, the drive down to Skagway is a beautiful drive and well worth it.  The town of Skagway is for the tourist, the typical tourist town.  I don't know how the locals can afford to live in these places.  Filled up the truck for $3.90/gallon US prices.
Then I decided the coach needed a bath since it was filthy after going through a few construction zones in the rain.  Pulled into the wash area, popped in a loonie and wet it down, actually 2 loonies.  Then Cindy and I got out the bucket and soap and washed it down since the carwash was out of soap.  And as you might expect it started raining!  But we now have a clean coach!

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