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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Lincoln logs

On Saturday morning we drove from Carcross to Wolf Creek Government Campground just south of Whitehorse.  Less than an hour drive but we decided to leave early since it was Saturday.  We arrived at the campground about 11:45 and got the LAST available site, good thing we left early.    Drove in to Whitehorse for 5pm Mass (had the Bishop).  Picked up a few groceries and had dinner at  Antoinette’s, good food!  Cindy had a chicken curry with a few nice prawns, I had the spicy pork.  Both were very good with a nice small fried baguette.  But both dishes would have been much better with a scoop of rice.  Thankfully the baguette was big enough to get all of my gravy!  Cindy's leftovers will be enjoyed with rice.
As has been the case for the past week, it rained this afternoon.  On our way back to the campground we were treated to a rainbow.
We left Whitehorse at 8am Sunday morning expecting nothing but clear skies for our drive to Destruction Bay.  Well the weather guessers guessed wrong again.  We left out with a light rain falling.  We made a stop to add about 60 gallons of fuel to the coach.  The girl at the station asked “how much fuel does that thing hold?” when we stopped at 140 liters, she was surprised we took so much.  I told her we were not filling up, just taking on a little fuel for the journey to Alaska.  Our next stop was the visitor center in Haines Junction to pick up a little information on the area we will be staying then on to the Congdon Creek Yukon Government Campground.  We arrived right at noon and unhooked the truck so Cindy could drive in and find a spot.  She was fortunate enough to snag a site right on the Kluane Lake.  We pulled in to the site overlooking the lake.  Looks good enough to stay a couple of nights.  AND only $12 Canadian per night which is less than $9 US.
There is a tent only area that is surround by an electric fence to keep the bears out.  Haven't seen any yet but still looking.   Along the lakefront which is mostly gravel and rocks there are millions of flies which are similar to our mayflies.  No mosquitoes yet, yeah!

We drove out to see the ruins of Silver City.  “It was the site of a trading post, roadhouse and North West Mounted Police barracks.  It served traffic traveling the wagon road from Whitehorse to the placer goldfields of the Kluane Lake district between 1904 and 1924.”  There were several log buildings along both sides of the road.  The roof tops were covered with mud.  The size of the timbers used in the construction were very large.  Wonder how many men it would take to lift those timbers?  I remember as a kid building many log cabins with my can of Lincoln logs.

Ok, car guys, what is this?

We stopped by the  Kluane Lake Research Station to see what was going on there.  It is sponsored by the Arctic Institute of North American University of Calgary.  Sorry to say the only person there a young man who said he was just the cook.  So no new knowledge gained from this stop.
Then on to the Thachal Dhal Visitor Center.  Thachal Dhal means Sheep Mountain.  The park ranger was able to locate some Dall sheep way up on the mountain with her binoculars and then positioned a spotting scope for us to see them.  There were 8 or 10 females with their babies.  Also there was a golden eagle flying near them.  She said the eagle would swoop down at them to try and get one to loose its footing and fall to its death.  Then the eagle would enjoy a tasty lunch.
We then hiked up to the Soldier’s Summit.  This is the site of the ribbon cutting which took place on Nov. 20, 1942 officially opening the Alaska Canada Military Highway (ALCAN).  The highway was completed in 10 months.  Of course the highway was not paved at that time but it was built by the US Military with help of civilians.
Nice day in nice weather.  Tomorrow will be moving day.  So far the bear spray is working fantastic!  Haven't seen a bear yet....
Oh, so after walking up and down the beach early in the morning and late in the evening and not seeing any bears, as we were leaving about 8am just before I pull onto the Alcan Hwy. Cindy yells:  BEAR!!  Yep, there is a lone grizzly grazing in the meadow across the highway from us.  I grab the camera and run outside in short sleeves and barefoot to get some pictures.  So stay tuned and I'll post those pictures on the next update tonight or tomorrow.

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