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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Furthest point west in Europe

Sagres, Portugal.  We arrived here just after noon and decided to splurge for a couple days so we negotiated prices on 2 suites.  Nice rooms with great views of the marina and the Atlantic.  We enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon, had pizza for lunch at the Bossa Nova cafe then cheese, fruit, and vino for dinner while watching the sunset from the balcony.
This morning after a breakfast buffet we drove out to a nice beach and walked around watching a few surfers.  Then we visited a fort where Henry the Navigator built a school for mariners in 1443.  Columbus wrecked just offshore here and swam ashore, I guess it was a good place to shipwreck.
Then we drove out to San Vincents cape lighthouse, the most southwesterly point in Europe, referred to as the "end of the world". 
We then drove around town a little and came back to our suites for a siesta.
Tomorrow we drive over to Seville, Spain for a couple days.  Then on to Morocco.

view from our balcony

sunrise from our balcony

"end of the world"

"last bratwurst before America"

we need beaches like this back home!

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