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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lions and tigers and....burros? Oh my!

Well after an enjoyable night in Tarifa we took the 9am ferry over to Tangiers, Morocco and met our driver.  We set out for Fes about 10am stopping at a roadside stand to taste fresh picked melons, delicious!  We then drove into a small fishing village and picked out fresh fish at a small market, had the guy clean and filet them.  Them brought them to a cafe next door and had the guy grill them, with the heads on of course.  They were delicious, and we had more melon for dessert. 
Then we were back on the road which became a two-lane country road with a speed limit of 60KPH, that's pretty slow about 40 MPH!  It ended up taking 6 hours riding in a small van to get to Fes.  Our guide was pretty good and talked about all of the area.  They grow a lot of wheat, corn, sugar beets, sugar cane, almonds, and olives throughout the area we traveled.  But they drive pretty wild, a couple times Cindy thought we were going definately going to wreck.  But our driver swerved or stopped quickly and said "don't worry, I like to live".  Pretty reassuring huh?
Fes is huge.  Our Riad (hotel) is in the old city.  Our driver pulled over and waited for a guy from the hotel to come with a pushcart.  He loaded our luggage in it and pushed it uphill through narrow streets, really alleyways since cars can't go into the medina.  The Riad is gorgeous, once you enter through an un-assuming door you enter into a very nice courtyard with a fountain.  Our host greeted us with cold towels to refresh ourselves with and cold mint tea while we checked in.  Then we took a tour of the Riad.  We have a traditional Moroccan dinner scheduled on the rooftop terrace tonight.
Tomorrow we will have a guide to bring us around the Medina and bring us back since it is a huge maze.  We are definately in a foreign land. 

burros are used quite a bit

hey buddy, you gonna eat that fish head?

recently harvested cork tree

paradise found!

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