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Monday, September 3, 2012

Where the heck is Salamanca?

Well after picking up the rental car at Madrid airport we headed west.  A pleasant surprise were how nice the roads were.  Little traffic and very smooth.  As it started getting late and we were hungry we pulled into Salamanca to find a hotel.  A much larger city than we thought, we ended up in the city center at a really nice hotel ($66euros) a block away from the Plaza Mayor.  We walked around the Plaza for a while and ate dinner.  For a Sunday night the plaza was pretty busy.  Quite a few cafes and families enjoying a late dinner.  And of course a helado for dessert, Cindy had limo and I had caramelo.
This morning we walked over to the church and were pleasantly surprised.  This church ranks just below St. Peter's in the Vatican in size and elaborate decorations.  The organs were a double set and looked like gold leaf on the trumpets, one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.  The Blessed Virgin's altar was also very elaborate.  Very nice. 
Glad we brought windbreakers as it is 46 F outside!
We all feel so fortunate to find such a great place to spend the night.
Well we leave in a couple hours to head into Portugal.  We plan to drive to Fatima and may spend the night there.

our last sunset on the Midi Canal, Homps, France

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