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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cortez, Colorado

We left Gallup about 9:30am and drove up Hwy. 491 (which was previously known as Hwy. 666).  About half was new 4-lane, but as we got in Colorado the road got really bad.  A lot of dips and rises (I guess from freezing).  A couple times I couldn't slow down in time.  I really like the air seats, feel like you're on a roller coaster on this kind of road.
Hey guys and gals, here's a tip for you:  If you see a prairie dog standing in the middle of the road and it darts out in front of you DON'T hit your brakes and swerve to miss it.  Especially if there is an 18 wheeler fixing to pass you!  No, wasn't us.  We had just passed the prairie dog when a southbound pickup swerved, the 18 wheeler locked up his brakes and went sideways to avoid the pickup.  Fortunately nobody was coming in the other lane.  And the poor little cute prairie dog is now a wet spot on the road.
Pulled into the campground about noon.  We're right in town surrounded by snow covered mountains.  Beautiful!  We have 115 miles to drive to Moab so we'll leave about 9 or 10.
We rode out to another small winery, tasted about 7 wines and bought a few bottles.

Our view from the campsite.

The guys are all over.

Look closer at this 5th wheel. That's not 2 trailers, it's added to the rear!  Mother In Law room?

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