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Friday, March 9, 2012

New Mexico!

Woke up after a very windy night.  Didn't feel or hear a thing in the Newell.
Went into Truth or Consequences to hit Walmart and get some new hose for the new water pump.
After a salad for lunch we took a gorgeous drive through the mountains over to a small vineyard way back in the boonies.
The summit of the mountain was 8228 ft. and SNOW.  Something we only see once every 10 years or so.  We had to stop and throw snowballs like a couple kids.  We even had some light snowfall.  The drive was really nice, 10mph curves through the Gila National Forest.
The Esperanza Winery and Vineyard was very small and down a dirt road.  Tasted some wine and bought a few bottles.  They even had muscadine wine.  The lady told us they were sent some muscadines by mistake so they planted them anyway and each year make a few barrels.
We also stopped to see a mining area.  The Indians have mined copper here, then the Spaniards, and now Freeport McMoran has a large operation here.  Very interesting to see this huge mountain being denuded right next to other mountains with trees, grass, etc.
We then drove to Silver City but were kinda disappointed, the historic district wasn't much.  We took a different route back since I didn't want to drive that windy road in the dark.
Tomorrow we plan to go back up the same mountain to Gila Cliff Dwellings and maybe do some hiking.  It is supposed to snow tonight at the campground so we should see more up in the mountains.

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