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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving on again

Monday morning we left Caballo and drove to Gallup, NM.  Another tiring 320 miles!  Hopefully that will be the last long driving day.  After Albuquerque I-40 got really rough, felt like we were back in Louisiana.  One 10 mile stretch had the eastbound lanes closed with them in our (westbound) lane and we only had the shoulder to drive on.  Really bad road having to fight the rumble strip on one side and broken asphalt on the other.  Watched an 18 wheeler in front of us almost lose control after he drifted too far to the right and hit broken asphalt.  Not fun.  I was tired when we arrived in Gallup. 
Yesterday I installed the wifi booster and got it working.  Nice to have a good connection!  Then we went to the movies to see John Carter.  The movie was pretty good and followed the book well.  We did a matinee at noon and there were 4 other people watching.
We're eating breakfast now and planning to leave in a bit.  We'll probably drive to Cortez, Co for the night then arrive in Moab either Thursday or Friday.
I scheduled a private photo guide for the day on Tuesday.  Looking forward to that (happy birthday to me).

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