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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ridin' the trails

After a spectacular sunrise, we drove over to Island in the Sky National Park and drove on the White Rim Trail.  This was fun.  To get to the White Rim we (meaning me driving and Cindy holding on) had to go down a really steep series of switchbacks, then the 4x4 trail followed the Green River.  At one point the road was only about 2 feet wider on each side than the jeep.  On one side I had rock walls the other side was about 100' dropoff to the river.  I decided to turn around after about 10 miles since there is a front coming through and it was very windy and dark clouds.  We didn't want to chance getting stuck for a couple days if it started raining!  So we had a quick picnic lunch and headed out.

In about a million years this will be another arch
Once we reached the road we took the Gemini Bridges trail.  This trail had a few tougher spots but there weren't the dropoffs.  We stopped at the Bridges and took a few pictures.  Then headed home, cleaned up and went to mass.  Another nice day.  May see rain and snow tomorrow so we'll just spend time in town.

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