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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Can you believe it?  We spent a couple days in Denver with the Zonkers and had a great time.
Didn't even bring my camera! 
We did a little sight seeing with David, went out to Red Rocks Amphitheater.  Amazing place and cool to see all of the artists that have performed there.
We finalized most of the plans for our Europe trip with David and Denise.
The drive over on I-70 is amazing.  Beautiful views, saw a lot of the ski resorts on the side of the interstate.  But I wouldn't want to drive that highway on a regular basis.  But up and down, WAY UP and WAY DOWN!  over 11,000 feet in a couple places.
David & Denise took us out to Ondo's last night.  A spanish restaurant that specializes in tapas.  These are small portions of authentic spanish dishes.  We ordered quite a few of them and were able to taste some great food.  Really looking forward to the Spain portion of our trip after eating tapas.
OK, I tried real hard but just couldn't do it.
On the way back to Moab we stopped at New Castle Diner for lunch and had buffalo burgers.  The waitress was a trip, she kept nagging and picking at the locals there for lunch.  Good entertainment.
Check out the menu and their motto:

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