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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Davis Mountain State Park

We left LaJitas on Wednesday morning about 8:15am.  The weather was nice, a little wind but
about 65 degrees.  Took a leisurely drive through the mountains and plains towards Alpine.  There
were some pretty curvy and steep grades but not too bad.  Drove through Alpine and then 24 miles
up into the mountains to Davis Mountain State Park.  We're 5400 feet high, 7% humidity and got
down to 39 overnight.  But there are TREES here!  Didn't realize how much we missed them.  The
campground is very nice, quiet and roomy.  But this weekend starts spring break so don't know
how it'll turn out.  We seem to be in the "old folks" loop so it might not be too bad.  We'll be here 8 days. 
Yesterday about sunset there was a guy a couple rv's up from us with a guitar singing, dude
was pretty darn good, we'll have  to meet him and hopefully he'll be here a few days to enjoy.
 Today should be in the 70's but windy with a freeze coming Friday and Saturday nights.  But up
here the temperature only peaks for a few hours then starts dropping again.  The sky is very clear,
this is supposed to be the "darkest sky in America".  Today we're going to the Mcdonald Observatory
for a visit and sign up for the Friday night Sky Party where they set up a bunch of large
telescopes to view the stars.
 Well just finished my 2nd cup of coffee and watching the day begin.  We don't have cell or internet at the coach but there is a drive up to the top of the mountain where we can get cell and there is an Interpretative Center a short walk where there is wifi so we can stay connected
somewhat.  I should have pictures later.

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