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Monday, March 19, 2012


We woke up to no wind (finally) and snow on the ground.  Wasn't a lot but it was snow.  We drove over to Arches NP and hiked early to Landscape Arch.  I was kinda disappointed because the pictures you see everywhere are taken from the back side which has been closed to access for 11 years!  Oh well, it was nice anyway.
We then drove into Dead Horse Point State Park.  According to legend cowboys rounded up a number of wild horses onto the mesa overlooking the Green River and left them there to die. 
It was a nice overlook over the river and mesa.  Then we drove up to Upheaval Dome which is where geologists think a meteor struck and left a crater.  It started snowing hard on the hike up to the overlook so we could barely see the dome.  We had a picnic lunch then drove back to town.  On the way back I was able to get some nice photos with all of the storm clouds around.

Landscape Arch

Dead Horse Point

We plan to eat out tonight at the Blu Pig.  Tomorrow morning I will spend the day with a photo guide to take some sunrise and sunset photos.  Really looking forward to that.  It should snow more tonight so hopefully it will add to my photos.


  1. Forest, that is a great picture of you and look looks like it is good.

    Enjoyed a fire in our portable fireplace in your "backyard" tonight. We are enjoying rural Louisiana ambiance.

  2. In case you didn't know there's firewood behind the barn use all you want. Try the oranges, if they're still good pick all you want. Glad yall are enjoying the area.