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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gila Cliff Dwelling

Well we left about 7:20am to drive out to the Gila Cliff Dwelling national monument.  It snowed overnight and was still snowing as we drove through the same mountains we did yesterday.  It was really nice but a slow drive.  After about 4 hours of driving through snow we arrived at the site.  A 1 mile loop hike to the cliff dwellings and we both were amazed.  These were built around 1200AD and abandoned about 20 years later, no one knows why. 
We had a picnic lunch as it started snowing again!  Then drove back.  Most of the snow had melted except for about 5 miles at the summit where it was still snowing.  Glad to get back home and enjoy wine, cheese, pears, and crackers.  Cindy's heating up some gumbo for supper.

Cindy trying to make a snowman

Indian petroglyphs

This is the good part of the road!
Tomorrow we plan to attend mass then relax and get the coach ready to move Monday morning to Gallup, NM for a couple days then drive up to Moab, UT.

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